Stephanie (flareoninsanity) wrote in timenchips_ot,

Fic search?

It's a Doctor/Rose series (mainly Ten/Rose, but I think there was some Nine/Rose), but anyway basically it was on LiveJournal (maybe even FFN, but I know for sure I read it on LJ). There was different series I think, but the one I'm particularly looking for is the one where Rose is changed from being the Bad Wolf (I know such a common element) but where Rose and the Doctor actually either stay together in "Doomsday" or Rose finds her way back to him and they live out their lives in the Tardis. Rose ends up pregnant?

(Jenny and Jack appears in some of the stories I believe)

I'm actually trying to find the author mainly, since she or he wrote A LOT of really amazing Doctor/Rose fics that I digested when I first entered the fandom. Now, of course with a new(ish) computer I can't find them. I remember the layout of the journal fairly simple, but Doctor Who themed.

This is a long shot, and I know I was kinda vague since all the clues could easily point to a lot of different Doctor/Rose stories, but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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