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Dragoncon Float Builders Need Some Help, please and thanks

Andy Teal, who runs the Pyrdon Academy board for the Doctor Who'verse costumers/cosplayers who hang out at Dragoncon (march in the parade, have video-and-photoshoots, a big group dinner, etc.) and other cons, has an appeal for any DW, SJA, and TW fans and costumers in the Atlanta area right now, and any DW'verse fans and cosplayers who are arriving early for Dragoncon next week: basically they need help finishing up the parade float.

If you are a DW'verse costumer and attend Dragoncon, please consider joining the Pyrdon Academy board here: . It's free and takes only a minute to sign up. Once you are on the PA board you can contact Andy direct about helping in the Dragoncon Parade Float thread. There's a direct link below for those of you already on the PA board.

Under the cut, is Andy's request for help w/ the D*C parade float:

Hey, folks! Dragon*Con is less than a week away, and a lot's going on here
behind the scenes at PA. Construction on the float is shifting into
super-high gear as it moves from Orlando to Atlanta this week. We'l have
more announcements and updates in the next few days, but right now we have
three important things to ask you!

1.) We need hands to help build the float in the Atlanta area.
Construction of the float starts on Friday in Atlanta. We'll have one week
to do it, and though it sounds like a lot of time, there's still a lot of
painting, sanding, hammering, and assembly work to do. It's going to be
tight, and we need all the help we can get. If you're in the area and can
offer any of your time, we need you! You don't need to have any previous
experience with this kind of thing, we just need you and your time. We'll
be working every day, so please, if you can come by for a whole day or just
an hour it will make an enormous impact. To let us know when you're
available, please either come to the forum and post in this thread:

Remember ­ we can't do it without you!

2.) We need your junk.
The back of the float features a representation
of the junkyard from the very first episode of Doctor Who. Thus we need to
find some junk! Things we're looking for include:
-An old bicycle wheel
-A wooden crate
-A male mannequin (or just the upper half of one)
-Old brass instruments.
If you have any of those things, or any other junk you'd like to
contribute, please let us know at the forum!

3.) We need a chair.
We're in search of a wooden chair for the float. Over the years, the
TARDIS has had a number of different chairs in the console room, and we
need one! We're not looking to make it a permanent fixture of the float,
we'd only like to use it for the duration of the parade this year. We'll
take the best possible care of it, but of course we couldn't guarantee it
wouldn't get scuffed. If you have anything you'd be willing to let us use,
we would be forever in your debt, and your chair would have a great story
to tell its friends.

That's it for now… Stay tuned in the coming days for more notes on group
events, marching guidelines for the parade, and more.

Thanks, everyone!



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